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Letz Zep

Friday 5th November, 8.30pm. The East Quay

It is rare for a tribute band to be given the approval of the band they are playing tribute to. So imagine the surprise of Letz Zep – at the time, a part time band playing Zep tunes for their own entertainment, and for the enjoyment of a few hundred people in small London venues, when in walks Robert Plant. Not only did the legendary Led Zeppelin vocalist give the bands the thumbs up and best wishes on the night, he went on to discuss the band in interviews including a Q magazine feature in which he said “I walked in, I saw me”.

Letz Zep have been featured on BBC1, BBC2, ITV, in Classic Rock and Kerrang, Q and Mojo, and following a chance meeting with Jimmy Page received the ultimate accolade when invited by Led Zeppelin themselves to perform at the official launch party for Led Zeppelin’s ‘Mothership’ album.

collage of letz zep performance

Letz Zep are now a touring force in Europe and are considered the biggest and best tribute to Led Zeppelin. Demand for the band is such that they regularly tour in Spain, Greece, Holland, Belgium, Italy and France and have also played in Venezuela, Australia and New Zealand.

It was when in New Zealand, that their show promoter received a call from Led Zeppelin’s management company, who were threatening to take legal action if the band did not immediately stop using a photo of Robert Plant to promote the gig. The promoter made it clear that the photo was not of Plant, but actually of Letz Zep vocalist Billy Kulke.

Led Zeppelin have been offered millions of dollars to reform for one last tour, but Robert Plant wasn’t interested after the success of his multi award winning platinum selling ‘Raising Sand’ album. The Letz Zep vocalist was one of the names in the hat as a possible replacement. It was Jimmy Page who forwarded Billy’s name, but unfortunately for him, bassist John Paul Jones was against the idea of using any vocalist but Plant.

“If you closed your eyes you really could imagine that it was Plant and Page up there. And if you opened them again the illusion didn’t really go away” Jeremy Clarkson, Sunday Times

“There’s a band on tour at the moment called Letz Zep.  They’re fantastic and I recommend you go see them” Jonathan Ross

“Hey Man, that’s some f****ng voice you got there, you must be on f*****ng helium to get that f*****ng high”   Ozzy Osbourne

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Official Letz Zep website: www.letzzep.com

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Friday 3rd December, 8.30pm. The East Quay

Just back from a European tour, this band’s live show is second to none. Their aim, as a stunningly accurate tribute to one of the world’s biggest bands, is to capture the feeling of a live Coldplay performance – the music, the visuals, the energy and the atmosphere. You will not be disappointed.

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Official website: www.coldplace.co.uk

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Kings of Lyon

Friday 24th September, 8.30pm. The East Quay

A pre tour warm up gig by the finest tribute to the mighty Kings of Leon before they embark on a 26 date UK tour that will see them play to many thousands at venues including the O2 Academys in Bristol, London and Liverpool. They will be playing the best music of the last four albums from KOL with an energy and quality that has already gained them an international reputation.

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Official MySpace page: www.myspace.com/thekingsoflyon

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